About Us

who we are

A family-run houseboat moored on Nageen Lake

Lily of Nageen is a family-run houseboat moored on Nageen Lake and have been hosting tourists for over fifty years. Ghulam Nabi Karnai is a second generation houseboat owner building his own business from scratch taught him every aspect of the trade from managing a houseboat, to leading treks & tailor-making itineraries.

With our roots firmly planted in the riverine soil of the Kashmir Valley & our wide experience of living, working and travelling in Europe & Asia, we are able to anticipate guests needs before they arise. We promise personal service, insider information and deep knowledge of Kashmir specifically India generally.

We are not only skilled in weaving interesting local experiences for your tour itinerary to keep you thrilled and entertained throughout the trip but we also :

  • keep a tab on best hotels & flight deals for you
  • provide you with best transport facilities
  • know the best restaurant, bars and spas to try
  • book you tickets to best performances and events in the city
  • and guide you to the best stores and shops in the town that offer a fair price and high-quality stuff to all their clients

We firmly believe vacations are meant for adventure, learning, comfort and relaxation- leave the planning to us and your worries at home.