Refund & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Charges

  • 100% of the advance will be refunded if cancelled 10 days prior to the date.
  • 75 % Refund,if cancelled 10 > 7 days in Check In.
  • 50 % Refund,if cancelled 7 > 5 days in Check In.
  • 25 % Refund,if cancelled 5 > 3 days in Check In.
  • 0 % Refund,if cancelled 3 > 0 days in Check In.

Cancellation Terms

  1. All cancellations should be intimated through email and refund policy will be effective from the date of receipt of this email. All refunds will be processed within four working days on receipt of email.
  2. Refunds will be made by cheque for cash payments, cheque or bank transfer. Online refunds for bookings made via our website will take four working days. Credit/Debit card online refunds will only be made against Credit/Debit card bookings and usually take 4 working days.
  3. If you are postponing your booking, No charges will be required for up-to three reschedules to any other available date.
  4. The original receipt must be presented for processing the refund.
  5. Special Case 1 (Strike): In case of any labour strike or owner strike and the operators are unable to process the booking on the date, the booking can be rescheduled to any other available date or the entire refund of the amount paid by the customer.
  6. If Special Case 2 ( Natural disasters): In case of natural disasters, bookings can be rescheduled to any other convenient date (not to peak days) according to availability. Peak dates price difference will be applicable. Entire refunds will be provided to cancellations only for cases of natural disasters. Cancellations have to be intimated through email a minimum of 3 days before the check-in date. Refunds will be processed within four working days. If you choose to amend the dates, inform us before seven days of check-in.

Cancellation Process

Send us an e-mail to, stating your name, booking confirmation number and date of travel, the original receipt must be presented for processing the refund.