Houseboats History

houseboats history

Luxurious floating homes with Kashmir’s artisanal traditions

Although Kashmiris have a deep relationship with the valley’s lakes, Srinagar’s houseboats are actually a British invention.
In the late 1800s, the local Maharaja prohibited foreigners from purchasing land in the valley. The British solution to this problem was to create luxurious floating homes, combining the best of Kashmir’s artisanal traditions.
Local cedar is the wood of choice for boat construction. The rooms have carved walnut ceilings in a mesmerizing, interlocking design. Boats are kitted out with walnut furniture, handwoven rugs, and embroidered curtains.
With two self-contained bedrooms, the Lily of Nageen can accommodate up to six people. Each room has a double bed, a single bed, and an attached bathroom. Common areas include a dining room, living room, and a porch, to be shared by guests.
We live on a neighboring boat and can be of service at any time. Delicious home-cooked meals and a selection of beverages are available. We will endeavor to provide for any special dietary requirements as well.
The Lily of Nageen is well situated, moored next to a large ornamental garden on Nageen Lake. If our houseboat is booked, we can also find accommodation for you nearby, treating you as our guest and looking after your needs and wishes.

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