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It was valentines day… And a night before I had informed my valentine that it would be nice if he came with some substantial gift and red roses. So in the morning at 7a.m I got a call from him and he told me to pack my bag till 11 am as he has made reservation in some Getaway near Delhi. I was already excited after hearing it.. So I started packing.

At 10 AM .: Noooo, this top is not that good. Let me take it out.

At 11 AM .: Oh God.. I forgot to put my dryer.

I was busy adding and deleting things from my bag and He was waiting outside my house and calling me again n again, so I told him that it would take just 5 more min. and I will be there.

At 12 AM .: Okay now its all done and I am looking fine so lets go 😀

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